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Rust Removal Machine – Products & Suppliers on GlobalSpec

High-Speed Air Sander – 5 (125mm) Pad For small jobs and hard-to-reach places, the 317A is an economical high-speed sander, ideal for light sanding, feather edging, and rust removal. Features 18,000 rpm, hp ( kW) motor Easy to handle, compact, and lightweight Built-in power.
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Industrial Robotics & Automation Solutions – Material Removal Robots – FANUC Robotics Cutting Robots, Grinding Robots, Deburring Robots, Deflshing Robots, Polishing Robots, …

M-10iA and LR Mate 200iC Molding Machine. M-10iA Belt Sanding and Polishing of Plumbing Handles. M-710iC De-burring, Filing, De-scaling, Drilling, Sanding and Smoothing of Aluminum Castings. M-710iC Stair Rail Milling. M-1iA Deburring Fan Blades.
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Tunnel boring machine – Wikipedia

Support mechanisms located on the back-up can include: conveyors or other systems for muck removal, slurry pipelines if applicable, control rooms, electrical systems, dust removal, ventilation and mechanisms for transport of pre-cast segments. They can bore through anything from hard rock to sand.
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Tunnel boring machine News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip – Gizmodo

Like benevolent, mechanical Tremors worms, a team of eight Tunnel Boring Machines are inching their way across England's capital city and leaving neatly packed railway tunnels in their wake.
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– Rail Vehicle Maintenance, Equipment, Supplies Listings from Mass Transit

Railquip supplies maintenance equipment, car hoists/body stands, truck hoists, turntables, rerailing equipment, car movers, sanding systems, wash units, waste removal systems, plastic cable channels. Our machines are labor, water and.
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O*NET Code Connector – Rail-Track Laying and Maintenance Equipment Operators –

Lay, repair, and maintain track for standard or narrow-gauge railroad equipment used in regular railroad service or in plant yards, quarries, sand and gravel pits, and mines. Includes ballast cleaning machine operators and railroad bed tamping machine operators.
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7 Tips for Better Drum Sanding – Woodworking Shop – American Woodworker

The type of material you sand and how much you want to remove with each pass determines the best speed. If your machine doesn't have speed control, take lighter passes until you develop a feel for your machine's capabilities.
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– Sandy's Effects Still Evident at Coney Island Rail Yard

It takes a lot to turn a modern railroad back into a 19th century operation—but, about four feet of salt water, mounds of storm-driven sand, sustained high winds and the absence of electrical controls did just that.
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Machine Matters – Equipment World – Construction Equipment, News and Information – Heavy Construction Equipment

"As the economy's gotten tougher, a lot of our customers have had to go into maybe something they hadn't done before, and they certainly needed the machines to do more than ever," says Gidaspow, Komatsu America's product manager, wheel loaders.
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– Oceanside Condo Rental – Read My Reviews – 150 Yards To The Sand. – HomeAway

This unit is Not in the B building that parallels the Rail Road track. Twin sinks and shower head wand for easy sand removal:-). This unit is very quiet. Added a new 50' LCD TV to the living room. Moved the 37' LCD TV to the bedroom (replaced a 27' in the bedroom with living room TV).
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