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Examples of leaching include the removal of sugar from sugar beets with hot water and the removal of nickel salts or gold from their natural solid beds with sulfuric acid solutions. There are many different types of equipment used for leaching. Most of these pieces of equipment fall into one of two categories.
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The system connects to, monitors, controls, and acquires data from a large assortment of field devices, equipment, and instrumentation and also manages the many mechanical and chemical processes used to remove the gold from the tailings.
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Internet FAQ Archives – 47th week of 2008 patent applcation highlights part 38

A member for water works is proposed in which the content of lead is limited to a very small values while maintaining its mechanical properties, castability, machinability, pressure resistance, etc. 20080286170 Parallel batch reactor.
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Machines and Brewing Methods, Options for Brewing a single Mug that are forgiving of pour technique …

1) Kalita 155 2) Continue to use the Kalita 185 for rather small batches 3) 1-3 xup Chemex 4) Some type of non-plastic drip cone.
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(1996) Reclamation of saline clay soils by a new horizontal leaching technique. (1996) A manual for the horizontal leaching technique. In, 6th ICID drainage workshop-drainage and environment. Slovenian National Committee on Irrigation and Drainage, Lyublijana,Slovenia, 40-46.
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– Mercury

In the United States has come as a by-product of gold mining operations (14 see GOLD AND GOLD COMPOUNDS). Small quantities of mercury have been produced by processing ground under and adjacent to the sites of less efficient ore-burning furnaces used in earlier-day mercury recovery operations.
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Brazing – Wikipedia

Batch type furnaces have relatively low initial equipment costs and heat each part load separately. The equipment needed for braze welding is basically identical to the equipment used in brazing.
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Center for Applied Energy Research – University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research – Environmental and Coal Technologies Research Group – Research

Selected samples of stored and freshly produced CUBs are subjected to batch and continuous leaching studies to ensure that any potential utilization is carried out in a sound environmental manner.
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All about Soil – redOrbit

This helps researchers assess the risk of pesticides leaching into groundwater. For cost-effective assessments, this is usually determined through batch experiments that find the amount of pesticide in test soils as a function of concentration at a.
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– Green Apple – Home Brew Forums – Acetaldehyde

I was given some brewing equipment to start with in July – one piece being a plastic 10-gallon capacity carboy with a lid that doesn't seal completely. Also, since then I've been upgrading equipment (what brewer doesn't buy new stuff every now & again?).
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