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Wiktionary – Appendix:Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms/D/1 – Wiktionary

Any one of a group of rock-forming minerals that are dark-colored in thin section, eg, biotite, hornblende, augite. An instrument for testing the magnetic content of ores and for checking the efficiency of wet magnetic separators recovering magnetite and ferrosilicon in heavy-media processes.
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Jig is up for GOP on oil-rig rules – Colorado Statesman

"Let's repeal this additional appeals process that will slow down (the process for application) for energy production in Colorado," Penry said.
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Too Many Requests – overview for BackFromSollaSollew

I'd like to see would grain on the outside of the box, but I have a jug of mineral spirits at the ready. But I'm realizing now, looking at these other artists, that even something like paper would ultimately be super difficult to do well too, even without the added difficulty of learning to use a jig saw.
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Ratings and reviews at Stewart-MacDonald

Upon receiving the bottles, I noticed that Preservation Polish has mineral spirits in it. Therefore, the mineral spirits do not overwhelm everything. Soundhole/Rosette Routing Jig. Jeff Denver, CO Read my reviews (3).
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Gold mining – Wikipedia

There are several techniques and processes by which gold may be extracted from the earth. Larger commercial placer mining operations employ screening plants, or trommels, to remove the larger alluvial materials such as boulders and gravel, before concentrating the remainder in a sluice box or jig plant.
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United States Patent and Trademark Office – Patent and Trademark Office Notices

The international application number is PCT/IB2005/002718 and was filed 14 September 2005 in the names of Carmelo PROTOPATA, and Gerardo BALESTRIERI for the invention entitled PROCESS FOR THE PREPARATION OF A POLYMERIC HYDROGEL BASED ON A HIGHLY PURIFIED POLYVINYLALCOHOL AND USES THEREOF.
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Wendy M. Grossman, the HTML Edition

The Lark in the Morning is a fairly common Irish jig that I used to hear played on late weekend nights at the Unmuzzled Ox in Ithaca, NY. I learned it, and was later told that, "Jean Ritchie's tune makes a great harmony to the one you sing " (that's the folk process for you).
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The Westerner – 08/09/2009 – 08/16/2009

Copies of key permit documents were not yet being made public, despite a promise from the Obama White House of increased transparency in the permit review process WVGazette. The deal was struck with the Department of Justice in a federal court in Denver.
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Firing up the Carissa – The Ranger, Riverton and Lander, Wyoming Daily Newspaper

Mineral jigs, a part of the sluicing process, helped to further refine the refuse that entered the mill from the mines. A third piece, this one a Denver Duplex mineral jig, was obtained in Salt Late City. "With essentially the flip of a switch, the processes will illustrate themselves for the public," Lane said.
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