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September 2012 Archives – MetaFilter

Curiosity has been on Mars for 51 sol-days and today NASA announced it has found what looks like a concrete slab made up of rounded stones which is probably an ancient stream bed formed by hip-deep fast-moving water over thousands or millions of years.
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The Daily Beast – In an excerpt from Miami Babylon, Gerald … made Scarface look tame – Cocaine Cowboys – …

"My dentist always took coke for his work. I got my hair cut for half a gram, rented speedboats for two eight balls, bought clothes with grams. If you had coke, almost everyone took it as payment.".
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July 2010 Archives – Outblush

Huffy Green Machine. Have a Coke & a Smile Tee. It'll be hard to curse at the 8 o'clock alarm when it looks so darn cute and features an MP3 dock and of course, snooze button. Made of leather with a hand-sewn spine and buckle closure.
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St. Louis Sports, Music, Entertainment and Nightlife –

NFL's Joey Porter on Michael Vick: 'It's not like he was fighting cocker spaniels'. Man shoots teen in the ass because he 'looked at him in the wrong way'. 10 Dudes Who Cry Like (vids). Sure sign of guilt during DUI check: 'Can I do like I'm doing gymnastics?'. "That's like clubbing baby seals".
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J. K. Rowling – Wikipedia

Once she made friends with "some like-minded people" she says she began to enjoy herself. Although she writes under the pen name "J. K. Rowling", pronounced like rolling. She wrote the last chapter of the book "in something like 1990", as part of her earliest work on the entire series.
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Democratic Underground – July 14, 2005 – Archives

The Bush administration is like Jeffery Dahmer. Looking Back at Karl (by Paul Waldman). Looking for a site. Democrats will file Resolution of Inquiry on outed agent. No, "Turdblossom" just doesn't fit anymore.
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Texts From Last Night – jigboi2's Favorites

I think it would be like really awesome if scientist could genetically engineer manatees to be like the size of goldfish so i could have one in my fishbowl and be like FUCK YEAH TINY MANATEE.
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Production Blog – South Park Studios

Saying things like "I reckon it's a blown manifold" and "That's problee a bent carburetor shaft", but that's just to look big in front of the other PA's and my wife.
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DVD Verdict Review – Case Number 07124 – McQ

Contrary to what the producers might have thought, Wayne doesn't look tough or cool in this film at all, he just looks lost.
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Rocawear's Jameel Spencer says, "Besides just recording, he's making TV commercials and campaigns for brands who is better than Coke. They're the biggest. His role is helping brands not get it wrong the way McDonald's did with African-Americans rapping about French fries. There's a reassurance that they won't appear li…
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