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Cockcroft walton Voltage Multiplier Calculator. Cockroft Walton Voltage Multipliers. Experements with Tesla Coils and High Voltage. High Voltage Association. High Voltage Experimenter's Handbook (Jim Lux).
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– Truck Tippler Phase1 Technical Details

Exhaust Fan Manufacturer Model Serial No Quantity Size RPM Supply Phase Frequency Power 6) Magnetic Separator Model Manufacturer Manufacture Year Type Quantity Serial No Size Operating Height Voltage Current (Hot) Current (Cold) Power (cold) Power (Hot) Insulation Class Total Weight Transformer Oil Magnetic Strength Fo…
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Angelfire – Mark Patraw's Master Figure Index

Goopi/ Mud Hand Graboopi Healer/ Hoimi Slime Marine Slime Metal Babble. Lightning Lord/ Kaminari Goro Metal Man Proptop/ Flyboy Robbit Topple.
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Rebound Hammer – Products & Suppliers on GlobalSpec

Vaughan DB125, 10-1/2 Dead Blow Hammer Features The heads of these hammers are partially filled with steel shot to increase impact and reduce rebound. The one-piece threaded faces feature a shoulder to absorb the force of side blows, protecting the threads. The one-piece, aluminum.
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Wiktionary – Appendix:Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms/D/3 – Wiktionary

On a shovel, the cable that forces the bucket into the soil. An oversized derby (possibly a ton or more) of a metal produced in a bomb reaction, such as uranium from uranium tetrafluoride and magnesium. The term ingot for these metals is reserved for massive nits produced in vacuum melting and casting.
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11/2/08 – 11/9/08

While being careful not to say what 's performance expectations will be, Stentz offered a 'very rough calculation' that by running at peak capacity 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the trucks could be up to 100 percent more productive.
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Samantha – Bloglog

The machine works under the magnetic force and machine force. The calculation of the ordinary design shows that the permanent magnetic bulk ore separator uses the motor of 45kw without considering the case of the eddy current.
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Cone crushers benefit Chinese construction production – TalkPHP

Crushing involves transfer of a force that is amplified considerably by the mechanical advantage obtained through materials whose molecules are bonded strongly. The cone crusher is a machine used in the construction industry for crushing different varieties of rocks and ores of varying hardness.
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Miller – Heavy Duty Welding and Cutting Table Design

I have been thinking of doing a heavy duty welding table that has more capabilities than my little metal table in the garage. The whole thing weighs, by my calculation of volume # per cubic inch of steel, 471# as currently designed which is making me wonder if I am getting too extreme in the engineering here.
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