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Gold – a six thousand year-old bubble – willem buiter's maverecon

About 50 percent of this existing stock of above-ground gold is kept as a pure store of value (for investment purposes), most likely somewhere below-ground, for security reasons. The cost and waste involved in getting the gold out of the ground only to but it back under ground in secure vaults is considerable.
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In Defense of Peak Gold – Evidence Gold Production Peaked in 2001 – Seeking Alpha

That is a natural consequence of Peak Gold, and peak is reached when the ores simply become too uneconomical to extract and refine. It is simply because it is harder to get at and harder to refine.
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'Fallacy of gold and primacy of silver' – – 3

Refine a fraction of that ore into gold bars. Such that the above ground stocks of silver in the 1970's was around 24 billion ounces and has declined to between 18 and 19 billion ounces today.
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Gold Stock Trades

All this nuclear development will require more uranium than above-ground supplies can provide, creating opportunity for uranium miners and the investors who believe in them. Already, Uranerz has entered into a pact with Cameco to refine Uranerz's production at its nearby Smith Ranch right down the road.
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Luna Gold Corp. Announces Results for the Third Quarter of 2012 – Contact Information

This production upgrade was the result of the increase in plant operating availability, improved blend control, and plant debottlenecking, which allowed for more ore throughput in the mill than originally planned.
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UW Libraries Digital Collections – CONTENTdm Collection – Search Results

Thawing frozen ground with steam in an underground gold mine, No 16 Eldorado Creek, Yukon Territory. Gold bricks and buckets of gold ore, Nome, 1906. Refine your search. Search results for Gold. Ship leaving for the Alaska gold rush, Seattle, ca 1905.
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The Golden Rule…. Gold Rules – The Primus Report

Then off to the assay office where they can sell it or they refine the gold themselves and store it away for a rainy day. To start with, the gold you get from the ground is not pure. But the truth is that neither is really needed to take gold from its source. Here is a generic flux for quartz ore samples.
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Questions on the Cost of Gold –

It does not make sense, especially when you consider that the payment comes years after you made an up-front investment for equipment, fuel, land and labor to mine and move up to 100 tons of rock, then leach it and finally refine the ounce of gold.
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Buyers of Gold

(1) The information costs of refined, certified, and labeled gold in a vault are much lower than the information costs of gold ore in the ground. He says that an economy wastes resources by extracting gold from a below-ground vault in order to store it in another vault.
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Do you know How to FIND GOLD

Gold's chemical symbol is AU. This meant that the early humans could collect the gold and use it without having to smelt or refine the metal from a mineral — such is the case of iron. Tools were invented at a rapid rate as miners from all over sought new and more effective means of mining the ore.
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