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Launches Vibrating Screen Technology – OurCompany construction equipment crusher screen conexpo

Based on 's industry-leading mill technology, this innovative design gives the potential for a truly infinite life to the exciter mechanisms. is preparing to release its new ELLIPTI-FLO screening system, which will provide complete control of critical screen operating parameters.

GlobalSpec – Generator Exciter – Products & Suppliers on GlobalSpec

Is a self-contained system which includes built-in vibration exciter, signal generator, computer-controlled amplifier/servo mechanism, reference accelerometer, thermal printer, RS-232 serial interface, LCD display screen, signal conditioners and all necessary connectors and mounting accessories.

PatentStorm – Detail of mechanical vibration coupling to transducer (e.g., tuned vibrating element) – PatentStorm

7174025 Resonant panel-form loudspeaker A loudspeaker assembly comprising a visual display screen, a resonant panel-form member positioned adjacent to the display screen, and a vibration exciter to cause the panel-form member to resonate as an acoustic resonator.

Internet FAQ Archives – 28th week of 2009 patent applcation highlights part 4

20090173169 Measuring transducer of vibration-type. A measuring tube vibrating, at least at times, and serving for conveying medium to be measured. At least one oscillation exciter for driving at least the measuring tube. 20090173179 Adjustable steering column assembly with compressive locking mechanism.

With pneumatic treatment – PatentStorm

4636305 Apparatus for cleaning grits In the case of an apparatus for cleaning grits, which has a plurality of superimposed screen layers, which can be vibrated by means of at least one unbalance exciter and with an inlet or outlet for the product inlet or screen discharge arranged at one end 01/13/1987.

Internet FAQ Archives – 17th week of 2010 patent applcation highlights part 4

20100101308 METHODS AND SYSTEMS FOR MULTIFORCE HIGH THROUGHPUT SCREENING. Methods and systems for multiforce high throughput screening are disclosed.

By unbalanced weights – PatentStorm

6889820 Exciter apparatus There is provided exciter apparatus having a cast housing (11) and mounting base (14) secured to mounts bolted to the side plates of screening apparatus.

PatentStorm – With direct mechanical connection to drive unit – PatentStorm

The screen device includes a screen on which television images are projected, and a screen frame to which this screen is attached at the central sectio 03/05/1991.

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