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Raser Wastes No Time, Taps Massive Geothermal Field in Utah

A dramatic demonstration of just how quickly and effectively such "new" geothermal energy, heat and power resources can be brought on line, Raser wasted no time in tapping into what may turn out to be one of the more important geothermal energy developments of the last quarter century, according to University of Utah p…
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Taking measures to reduce fabrication waste – Stone World – 2011-04-26

"This past year, they had a program set up with Waste Management to collect shingles from old complexes and construction sites. Instead of going into the landfill, they are using them as filling for asphalt. They thought that they could do the same with granite.".
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Product Catalog – NCPTT

Search for products. While the original project involved utilizing Interactive Television as the means for broadcasting preservation trades courses, ultimately wireless digital technology was used for implementation. A one week dry stone masonry course was conducted at two college sites some fifty miles apart.
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The Guardian – Please activate cookies in order to turn autoplay off – Iain Sinclair's struggles with the city …

Over 15 years and getting on for 20,000 pages, Sinclair has delved into the history of a single East End building ( Rodinsky's Room, co-written with Rachel Lichtenstein), investigated the city's interior ( Lights Out for the Territory ), stalked London's asphalt rimrock ( London Orbital ), and struck out into the GM wh…
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– The Atlantic – Apr 2001 – The Profits of Doom – Page Two – Langewiesche

But he also looked inside the valley, and began to wonder if the city's mining wastes, however terrible they seemed, might somehow be turned into assets. In 1981 this organization—MERDI—in turn created a for-profit engineering company, Mountain States Energy, specifically to run the DOE's programs.
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All Content In More Home Improvement – Bob Vila

Overcoming Obstacles Try these tips to turn your home's lowest level into a pinnacle of design and comfort. 10 Things to Consider Before Buying a Foreclosed Home Foreclosed homes that have been abandoned or neglected often come with hidden costs that can turn that bargain into a money pit.
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Eyes on Trade – State and local issues

"The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. This summer, insanity reigns over proposed US trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia and Panama. For more than 20 years, "free" trade agreements have systematically undermined the American economy and the middle cl…
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The world needed to see what I was witnessing – Anderson Cooper 360 – Blogs

CNN found children in the FLDS polygamous sect working in a field instead of in school. Find out what happens to the money they earn. Watch AC360° at 8 & 10 pm ET. Anderson Cooper 360.
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City Farmer's Urban Agriculture Notes

Pristine Outhouse a Compost Outpost Features City Farmer's Toilet – "There's a lock on the outhouse door, so the toilet is used only by staff and garden visitors willing to abide by the rules. 'Please place toilet paper in toilet after use but do not add other hygiene products. Please sprinkle a cup of shavings from th…
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Cabinet Magazine – The Coldscape – CABINET

Its story is central to every aspect of our national postwar narrative: the widespread entry of women into the workforce, the rise of suburban living, and the reshaping of the American landscape by the automobile.
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