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GoldPic 3 Pulse Induction Metal Detector – Trevor Hill

GoldPic 3 Pulse Induction Metal Detector. Visitors since : 14th August, 2001 … The circuit was designed to provide maximum sensitivity when running from …

Gary’s Pulse Induction Metal Detector

“Gary’s Pulse Induction Metal Detector” Go Back to My “Home Page” Or Go Back to My … I will also send you a 8.5″ X 14″ Printed Schematic, as well as a 4″ x 6 …

Pulse Induction metal detector ?

http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&tbm=isch&q=circuit+pulse+induction+metal+detector By the way, I am guessing you have a good reason for wanting this kind of metal …

ProScan Pulse Induction Metal Detector

The schematic was redrawn and revised by me (Paulo Viegas) and Piotr from Proscan. Piotr for giving the first schematic and revising the new one. Non-polarized: Use good quality polyester capacitors, except for pF capacitors which can be ceramic. Electrolytic, voltage as indicated on plan.

Metal detector – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Modern top models are fully computerized, using integrated circuit … A pulse induction metal detector with an array of coils

by Carl Moreland Revision 1.5 — 21 July 2006

ing the surface-mount circuit with a 9-volt transistor-radio battery, results in a very compact detector, ideal for a hand-Hammerhead Pulse Induction Metal Detector

The Blind Squirrel – Pulsed Induction Metal Detector – metal detector

The Pulsed Induction (PI) detectors seem to have the advantage of more depth, at least that's what most folks were saying, so I set out to design another PI detector for the contest. This is my version of a Pulsed Induction type of Metal Detector.

Sensors – Detectors – Metal Detectors electronic circuits

Metal Detector-Pulse-2 Induction Type Detector. Metal Detector-A Pulse Induction Detector. The general concept, of which I have developed three embodiments, is capable in principle of matching the performance of an Induction Balance (IB) metal detector.

Easy to build pulse induction metal detector with DSP

Pulse induction metal detector with DSP. Get on-line support on this project! … the maximum charge time to a value of around 250µsec, with a circuit …

Metal Detector using a 2 Pulse Induction Coil

Abstract This project focuses on the adaptation, simulation and construction of a commonly available schematic for a Pulse Induction (PI) metal detector.

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