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NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies – NASA GISS – Research Features – A Scientific Journey from Obscurity to Climate Super-Stardom – Methane

For example, New Zealand's primary contribution to greenhouse gas emissions is from sheep digestive processes, and scientists there are experimenting with changes to feed that have the potential to reduce methane production enormously.

Electrochemistry Encyclopedia – Brine electrolysis – E – lectrochemistry – ncyclopedia

It is also used in the food processing applications, which include skin removal of potatoes, tomatoes etc, for further processing. A comparison of the performance characteristics of these three technologies is presented in the Appendix together with schematic process diagram for each of the cell technologies.

DNA.gov – Glossary

Any non-allelic product of the amplification process (Stutter or Minus A) or anomaly of the detection process (Pull-up or Spike). The light will cause possible biological stains to change color or fluoresce, assisting in the location process.

RPI – Lipoproteins

Cells take up LDL by receptor-mediated endocytosis, a process involving formation of a clathrin -coated pit and pinching off of a vesicle incorporating the receptor with its LDL cargo (diagram p 953). The bile acids are amphipathic, with detergent properties.

Chemistry Now

News stories on tomato mutation, genetic modification and ripening from the archives of NBC News and Scientific American, plus tables and maps on global tomato production, processing and consumption. And, from the collections of the Chemical Heritage Foundation, an 1808 diagram of "Atoms and Their Combinations.".

Subliminal Perception Manual

The resulting body of work, not surprisingly given its dubious origin, has produced far from impressive results and has led to the strong conclusion that subliminal advertising cannot influence the type of laundry detergent you buy, the type of underwear you wear, or the candidate you vote for.

Meta Detergent Logo – Ryan Schenk

To compute queries on demand, it has a large, horizontally scalable processing cluster, which pull tasks from an AMQP work queue and process them in parallel. Not to mention its unscalability for meaningful production.

Animal Care Technician – Required skills

Production/Processing Engineer This position is responsible for providing help to the Production Manager through managing the Company's production activities to ensure cost efficiency and timely production.


As this figure indicates, resin manufacture and fabric production are the two largest energy consuming operations during the blouse manufacturing process.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) – Glossary and Acronyms — Central Intelligence Agency

ARADET Arab Company for Detergent Chemicals. Breakout capability Knowledge, infrastructure, and materiel, which usually lie beneath the threshold of suspicion, but which can be rapidly adapted or reorganized to allow for weaponization processes to be undertaken. CMPC-B Combined Media-Processing Center, Baghdad.

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