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BlueScope Steel Corporate – Reusing the By-products of the Steel Industry

Slag flows from the iron and steel furnaces as a molten mixture of limetsone and the earthy components of iron ore coke that have separated from the molten iron and steel in the furnace. The continuous slab casting process produces caster scale, a fine iron oxide that flakes off the surface of steel.

Florida Bay Physical Data – SOFIA – Metadata

The dataset contains the core number, depth (cm), wet bulk density, dry bulk density, accumulated dry bulk density, dry bulk fines, total % H2O content, % insoluble residue, % loss on ignition, coarse (% dry wt.) > 0.062 mm, fines (% dry wt.) < 0.062 mm, and total Pb-210 activity (dpm/g and error).

Inorganic Powder – Particle Manufacturing Review At READE

Are pulverized mechanically in ball mills, and a process known as the Coldstream Process is finding increasing application for the production of very fine powders such as are required for injection molding (qv).

Project Handling – Project Handling Services, Iron Making Projects, Project Handling in China

BOF (Basic Oxygen Furnace) This process of steelmaking involves the chemical reduction of iron ore, using an integrated steel manufacturing process or a direct reduction process.

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The Company's Low Temperature Pyrolysis Coal to Liquids Process – Spitfire Oil

Portman's objective was to investigate the potential for use of the lignite as a reductant to upgrade the quality of iron ore fines which did not meet customer quality specifications from its Koolyanobbing Mine (275km north-west of the Deposit), through the production of iron-char.

Patent US4078902 – Coke briquette – Google Patents

A coke briquette for use in iron foundries in which coke fines screened from coke being fed to the cupola are recycled into briquette form to be used in place of raw coke in the iron making process.

SKAKO – Iron & Steel

Type FCU or CCU feeders with unbalanced motor drive are used for the collection of fines under transfer points, and also to discharge the collected fines following the screening process. To remove any fines from the ore and pellets prior to the blast furnace batch process, horizontal single deck screens are utilised.

Internet FAQ Archives – Direct Reduction Process Using a Single Fluidised Bed – Patent application

Process according to claim 43, wherein the metalliferous material is in the form of iron ore fines, and the bulk temperature in the fluidized bed is in the range 850.

The London Steam-Ship Owners Mutual Insurance Association Limited

The Correspondent for Indonesia, Spica Services, reports that the Ministry of Energy and Resources is imposing a ban on the export of certain unprocessed mining commodities including metal minerals such as nickel ore, iron ore and iron sand.

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