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Sedimentary Rocks – Pictures, Characteristics, Textures, Types

Iron Ore is a chemical sedimentary rock that forms when iron and oxygen (and sometimes other substances) combine in solution and deposit as a sediment. Picture Gallery of the Most Common Rock Types. Pictures and brief descriptions of some common sedimentary rock types are shown below.

Oases 2012 – Return to the Cayman Rise

After millions of years, these sediments hardened into sedimentary, forming sedimentary rocks called banded iron formations, or BIFs BIFs are important economically speaking, as this is where most of our iron ore comes from.

Scenes from China – The Big Picture – Boston.com

A worker walks past a pile of iron ore from Australia at a port in Tianjin on March 29, 2010. A woman takes pictures of lanterns as she visits the Shanghai International Lantern Festival in Luxun Park in the Hongkou district in Shanghai on September 12, 2012.

Rocks and Minerals (C)

Chalcopyrite, Copper pyrites, or yellow copper ore, is the most widely occurring copper mineral and one of the most important ore sources of that metal, also containing iron, and sulphur. Carminite is an arsenate mineral of a striking red colour formed in veins of iron and lead ore.

Roger Blough leaves Duluth with iron ore pellets for Conneaut – Duluth Shipping News

I took these pictures on Tuesday, August 14th as the tug Champion/barge Kokosing came under the Aerial Lift Bridge, presumably with 70 barrels on board that they retrieved and will now test. Click pictures for larger version. Here is a picture taken yesterday (August 15, 2012) by Gregory Garten of the Paul R.

NASA altering the true colors of Mars

These same rocks look like a blurry red pile of rocks on the NASA-picture, with no detail at all. As you can see, there are displayed blue rocks, which might indicate they might be iron ore rocks. At the press conference last saturday, the JPL-scientists showed the latest picture of the Martian landscape.

TalkOrigins Archive – The South African Spheres

Limonite is a kind of iron ore. Massive rocks float 40 feet above ground, say scientists — datelined Chengdu, China. (This even has a picture of and quotes from Boris Yelsin.). There is even expert commentary given on this event in a sidebar by a Dr Dimitri Azzacov complete with his alleged picture (Brunvand 1993).

Exploring for Copper Deposits

For example, 1000 kilograms (kg) of iron (Fe) ore that contains 300 kg of iron metal has a grade of 30. Students will be able to calculate an ore grade and determine whether an ore deposit is economic based on its grade, size, and production costs.

Mineral Pictures Index

Master guide to pictures of (1) rock-forming, (2) accessory, and (3) rare or notable minerals, followed by the chemistry-based mineral groups and some special galleries. Hematite—Iron mineral of many forms including this "kidney ore.". Master guide to pictures of rock-forming, accessory, and rare or notable minerals.

Blogs – 11 Tips for visiting Red Mountain Park with children – al.com

Red Mountain Park -rocks and treasures. Red ore is really cool to look at and there are a lot of specimens to see and feel. Lots of gravel and rock though so make sure they wear a helmet. Take a picture of the map board or grab a map at the beginning of the trail for $1. Red Ore Zip Tour hours are 8AM until 6:00PM.

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