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Native American cuisine – Wikipedia

Metate, a stone grinding slab used with a stone mano to process meal in Mesoamerica and one of the most notable Pre-Columbian artifacts in Costa Rica. Molcajete, a basalt stone bowl, used with a tejolote to grind ingredients as a Mesoamerican form of mortar and pestle.

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Activities include trying on conquistador armor, grinding corn on a slab/metate with a two-handed mano/grinding stone. Native American and Spanish Colonial artifacts are on display in the visitor center.

Ancient Native American Indian Artifacts, Relics and Arrowheads – Axes & Stone Tools Page 1

An arrow shaft, but also for grinding the hafting sections of projectile during the 1940's, exact. Type: Knobbed and Grooved Medicine Grinding Pestle Provenance: Price. JFTO6 A rare black hardstone knobbed medicine grinding pestle in very good condition.

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse – Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center – The Process of Archaeology – Lab Analysis

Ground Stone Tools Tools that are produced by pecking and grinding stones into desired shapes. Chert (flint) A microcrystalline metamorphic stone commonly used to make stone tools. Hammerstone a stone used for battering or pecking or for making stone tools.

Native Americans:Prehistoric:Mississippian

Some archaeologists think this woman is using a mano and metate to grind plant food such as corn. Sweat lodges continue to be used today by Native Americans. The paint was made by grinding lead ore-galena-into powder and mixing it with other materials.

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Grind nutmeg with grinder. Sweet grind y. Grind Coffe b. Grind away at. Peppercorns to grind.

The Town Crier – Local News – Museum Talk – Indian artifacts on display at BI Museum (10/31/12)

Metate is the grinding stone used for grains and seeds, and mano is the Spanish word for 'hand'. Corn was placed into the hollowed out stone and then was pounded by the mano into a powdery form. This Indian grinding stone is on display at Buffalo Island Museum in Monette and was donated by Mae Qualls.

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Mano/ Metate Stone tools used for grinding foods like corn, acorns or seeds. Debitage The by-product of making stone tools, a common artifact associated with Native American sites. The Mano is a hand held grinder or pounder and the Metate is the larger flat or bowl surface the food is ground in.

Articles by Ira Kennedy

BEDROCK METATES and METATE, MANO, and MYTHOLOGY by IRA KENNEDY: This page includes an article on the location of bedrock metates at Enchanted Rock, and the sacred nature of the grinding stones of Native Americans.

Arizona Memory Project – Left for Interpretation – Petroglyphs & Artifacts

For contemporary Native peoples, some of the petroglyphs at the Deer Valley Rock Art Center relate to specific events and histories. For instance, Hopi traditions document the migration of clans, and some petroglyphs have been identified as clan.

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