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Statistical Aspects of Data Mining (Stats 202) Day 1 – YouTube

The textbook is Introduction to Data Mining by Tan, Steinbach and Kumar. Googlers are welcome to attend any classes which they think might be of interest to them. 230 likes, 3 dislikes. Show video statistics. I like this.

Introduction to Data Mining

Pang-Ning Tan, Michigan State University, Michael Steinbach, University of Minnesota Vipin Kumar, University of Minnesota Table of Contents Sample Chapters Resources for Instructors and Students Instructor Solution Manual Errata (March 25, 2006) Addison-Wesley Companion Book Site.

CiteSeerX — Anomaly Detection – A Survey

302 Introduction to Data Mining. Tan, Steinbach, et al. By Varun Chandola, Arindam Banerjee, Vipin Kumar. Download as a PDF. Anomaly detection is an important problem that has been researched within diverse research areas and application domains.

Data Mining – Jeffrey D. Ullman – Books

Here are the omnibus courses you can join and their class tokens: Hopcroft-Motwani-Ullman Automata: 4A379A91 Garcia-Ullman-Widom or Ulllman-Widom Databases: E68759F1 Aho-Lam-Sethi-Ullman Compilers: 467454C2 ElMasri-Navathe Databases: 6F977376 Tenenbaum OS: 328E417C Stallings OS: 72377233 Liang Java: D978043E Rajaraman-…

Introduction to Data Mining by Pang-Ning Tan – Michael Steinbach – Vipin Kumar (Hardcover) – booksamillion.com

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Online Documents – RDataMining.com – R and Data Mining

Introduction to Data Mining by Pang-Ning Tan, Michael Steinbach and Vipin Kumar Lecture slides (in both PPT and PDF formats) and three sample Chapters on classification, association and clustering available at the above link.

Data mining – Psychology Wiki

Pang-Ning Tan, Michael Steinbach and Vipin Kumar, Introduction to Data Mining (2005), ISBN 0-321-32136-7 (companion book site). YALE is a free tool for machine learning and data mining.

Patricia Cerrito, Introduction to Data Mining Using SAS Enterprise Miner, ISBN – 978-1-59047-829-5, SAS Press, 2006 …

Pang-Ning Tan, Michael Steinbach, Vipin Kumar, Introduction to Data Mining, Pearson Addison Wesley (May, 2005). Margaret Dunham, Data Mining Introductory and Advanced Topics, ISBN: 0130888923, Prentice Hall, 2003. UH Data Mining Hypertextbook, free for instructors courtesy NSF.

Services – Analysis (Data Mining)

Pang-Ning Tan, Michael Steinbach, Vipin Kumar. Www.datashaping.com/data_mining.shtml for comprehensive listing Introduction to Data Mining. Beginner user to data mining and creating SQL statements. I'm designing my SQL statements through excel to create dashboards for staff.

Association rule learning – Wikipedia

The GUHA method, data preprocessing and mining, Database Support for Data Mining Applications, Springer, 2004, ISBN 978-3-540-22479-2. Mining frequent sequences uses support to find sequences in temporal data. Introduction to Data Mining.

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