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Make – CEB Intro

The more modern machines do not require aggregate (rock) to make a strong soil block for most applications. It is a weak but fast building method, which makes money for developers but returns little value to the homeowner, if one considers lifecycle cost of buildings.

CEB Press/Bill of Materials – Open Source Ecology

This is included separately from electronics in case you choose to make a different driver board. This appears to be the 'manual version'. Bill of materials for The Liberator II (Nov 2009). The Global Village Construction Set. Transportation Car Truck Development Prototyping Documentation Full Release.

The Liberator (CEB press) – Wikipedia

In tests, it was able to produce 6 bricks per minute with manual controls. Not aiming for profits is one of the reasons why Open Source Ecology can sell The Liberator for a price that's 6 to 10 times smaller than that of equivalent commercial presses.

Open Source Resilent Living

This project will design and build a human powered manual CEB (Compressed Earth Brick) press. With a CEB press, anyone can make quality, low eco impact building blocks basically from dirt. This system we live under makes wage slaves of us all while profiting too much from our hard work.

OSE Europe – Open Source Ecology Europe

In attempt to gain experience with CEB construction I had constructed a manual CEB press using the Open Source Resilient Living design.

ASHA – Making effective communication, a human right, accessible and achievable for all – CE Provider Frequently Requested Assistance

Download the most recent version of the CEB manual to your computer. Contact your provider manager to order a print version of the CEB manual ($45). Tool For Calculating CEB Deadlines. Additional Copies of the Continuing Education Board Manual.

MAKE – NOISE — Discuss this article – Compressed Earth Block Floor – makezine.com

There are plans for manual presses online, and you can also buy one, if you look around. If you want CEBs, you can press your own. Looks like the time may be right to make this happen. The $60 price tag is what we paid for the supplies.

Online Booking – Kilkenny County Enterprise Board

Radio, TV and press) and how to make them work for the small business with a tight budget. Operative's Manual Handling Course.

Global Village Construction Set by Marcin Jakubowski — Kickstarter

Sharing the world's first low-cost, DIY, open-source Tractor, Compressed Earth Brick Press, Power Cube, and Soil Pulverizer. What Makes the Global Village Construction Set so special.

P2P Foundation – Bottega21

Current works are now finishing the conversion of the first prototype of the CEB Press, a machine of the Global Village Construction Set KIT (it will be done by the end of May 2012) and start to make the first of it with the EC Standard certificate in a couple of weeks (we intend to spend about 4000 Euros).

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