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LITE 104.1 – Today's Lite Rock – Sniffer Dog Nabs Smuggler Hiding Heroin In Rectum

New York police officer charged with plan to cook, eat women. Klingon goes boldly beyond 'Star Trek' into pop culture.

The Dead Rock Stars Club 2000

Doc Rock Presents, 2000 Welcome to the club rock stars are dying to get into. His truck plunged into the Gulf of St Lawrence ( Celtic Pop ) Born 4-28-1959. Rock and Roll may never die but rock stars do.

Deep Purple in Rock – Wikipedia

"What a strange and innocent, but incredibly powerful anti-drug song. We all (in DP) grew up in a drinking (alcohol) environment. Through generations, English pubs had evolved into an integral part of society — as important as schools and churches. As mentioned in "Ted the Mechanic", the two subjects of discussion to …

The (ex) Biggest Heroin Dealer in the Whole Wide World – VICE

At the height of his powers he was a multimillionaire and his favorite tipple was a bottle of champagne with eight grams of cocaine dumped into it.

Police Reports – Week of May 23-29, 2012 – The Rock River Times

Heroin Possession (not more than 15 grams). Heroin Delivery (more than 1 but less than 15 grams-church property). Endangering the Life or Health of a Child. Page 5 of 8 All subjects are presumed innocent. Rockford Police Department Rockford.

Check background details for anyone at your convenience online – Search now – Radaris – … …

Bloomfield, NJ Czarina M Berletich, David H Cook, Elisabeth H Cook, Elizabeth Null Nul Cook, Erwin H Cook. Fremont, OH Patricia A Bundschuh, Rachel A Cook, Charlotte Cook, Daniel E Cook. Zanesville, OH Raymond E Cooksr, Kenneth Lee Cook, Myrtle Elizabeth Cook, Raymond E Ook, Kenneth L Ook.

Heroin Helper – Heroin Glossary – The specialized vocabulary of the heroin subculture

They are used in cases of overdose and to show that a user is an addict, usually for the purpose of allowing him into a methadone program. Spoon or other device used to cook heroin for injection. When a vein moves to the side as it is being injected into so that the needle does not enter the vein.

B.J. Cook – Life of a rock survivor

She and friends decided to sneak into a Colwood bar one weekend. "I don't know how I didn't end up being a junkie. I watched people tie off and shoot heroin". There they encountered Cook's typing teacher, working as a part-time server. As they left, one of her gang yelled out: "Hey, Bonnie thinks you're an a–hole".

Chicago Tribune – Mother of heroin addict to host public awareness forum in Northbrook – chicagotribune.com

Newberg has organized her second public forum to educate north-suburban residents about what she calls a killer poison seeping into their community.

Me and reading – Review of Power by Kristie Cook – 5 stars

Her books rock and so does her personality. You realize that she has put her soul into it and I love that I as a reader can feel it. Even though Alexis is the heroin of the series, I think Power is book about Alexis. Besides writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and riding on the back of a motorcycle.

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