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Prison Planet.com – Dollar, Euro, Sterling May Be Destroyed Zimbabwe-Style

Noting that there was a gold rush and panic buying taking place while gold dealers worldwide had to close their doors, Hennecke agreed that gold prices would explode as hyperinflation crept up, and said that relatively modest overall price rises in the precious metal were partly a result of deleveraging as well as, "ma…

PBS – What Would Happen to Money Supply if We Returned to the Gold Standard – PBS NewsHour

Gold bars and coins at a gold dealer in London. Second, the point of a gold standard would be to stabilize and restrain the money supply, not to shrink it. The means of debasement is said to be the removal of precious metals from the money — chiefly, less gold and silver.

Buy Gold Bullion Online in the UK

Most bullion dealers offer only one or two options, such as bars and coins for UK delivery, whilst some offer a wider range, such as GoldMadeSimple.com Ltd – a bullion dealer with offices in London and Manchester, who provides online real time gold prices for both storage and delivery (UK and International) for grams, …

The Guardian – Obama-appointed US trade adviser linked to illegal deal in Congolese gold – World news – The Guardian

Speaking to the Guardian from Houston, he said that at one stage he nearly pulled out of the deal, only to be put on the phone to Zoé Kabila, the president's brother, who reassured him the gold dealers were "legitimate".

Zimbabwe's military in Congo – Launching pad of corruption – San Francisco Bay View

A blogger, formerly of Zimbabwe, mused: "Why is it that Mugabe should deploy his army, a foreign force, into the DRC – when he reacts angrily to the idea of military invention in Zimbabwe.". Furthermore, beyond the tentative establishment of a unity government, there seems to be little good news coming out of Zimbabwe.

Bloomberg.com – Smuggled-Diamond Revenue Flows to Mugabe's Zimbabwe Before Vote – Bloomberg

Illegal smuggling benefits Mugabe because it is mostly carried out via the military, according to the two nonprofits and interviews with six smugglers and two dealers in and around Vila de Manica, where Chikwere, clad in Diesel jeans and wearing two gold chains, was displaying his wares.

How to Buy Gold – Personal Liberty Digest

Economic collapse under similar circumstances also occurred in this century in Zimbabwe (last year), Turkey, Romania, Argentina and Russia.

Harvey Organ's – The Daily Gold and Silver Report – Gold rises to $1794. Silver breaks …

To obtain what is left to be served upon, I take the OI standing for October 728 and subtract out today's notices (2) which leaves us with 726 notices or 726000 oz left to be served upon our longs. However we had no dealer deposit and no dealer withdrawal.

African American Artists

Visual Arts Zimbabwe. African Litrature Zimbabwe. Dealers in fine paintings and sculpture by leading South African artists. Quite an Experience in Zimbabwe. Photographer Tom Chambers was Art Conservator/Curator for the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, 1993-1995.

Marange diamond fields

The funeral of a gem dealer has revealed the illicit trade of diamonds in Zimbabwe has gone underground and may be propping up Zanu-PF cronies. Conflict diamonds are to be used to fund a new campaign of violence by President Robert Mugabe's regime against his political opponents in Zimbabwe.

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