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Yale Environment 360 – Threat of Mercury Poisoning Rises With Gold Mining Boom by Shefa Siegel – Yale Environment 360

Trade union leaders were persuading miners that UN efforts to curb mercury emissions were part of a foreign conspiracy to expropriate their mines under environmental pretense.

The Environmental Literacy Council – Mineral Resources

The extraction, processing, and transport of minerals all have impacts on the environment, as well as on the potential health and safety of those working in the industry.

US Environmental Protection Agency – Central City/Clear Creek – Region 8 – US EPA – Superfund Program

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) assessed potential impacts to human health and the environment from mine waste piles and tunnel discharges.

BLM National – East Lynn Lake Coal Lease

Both applicplicants are proposing to mine the coal by underground mining methods from existing mines they currently operate on adjacent private land. Before any coal leases can be granted, coal-mining issues will be analyzed in a Land Use Analysis/Environmental Impact Statement (LUA/EIS).

The Green Life – Tar Sands Pipelines Through America – New England Next – Compass

This tar sands project would jeopardize much of New England's prize wild places and waterways, and would have serious carbon pollution impacts. Tar sands oil is among the most corrosive and environmentally destructive forms of oil ever to flow through America's aging pipeline system.

Environmental Impacts – Solar power

In this case, there is much less impact to habitat loss and the transmission costs of electricity are greatly reduced. With regard to air quality there are a number of pollutants entering the atmosphere as a result to the mining and manufacturing processes leading to the production of solar panels.

Minerals and sustainable development – WWF

Environmental impact of mineral exploitation Different methods of mining have different impacts on the environment. Abandoned land mines, mining in open areas, drilling for all- all these activities, if unplanned and not- environment- friendly also affects human health.

Mineral Resources – Formation, Mining, Environmental Impact

Surface mines include open-pit mines, which commonly involve large holes that extract relatively low-grade metallic ore (see Figure Open Pit Mine ), strip mines, which extract horizontal layers of ore or rock, and placer mines, where gold or diamonds are extracted from river and beach sediment by scooping up (dredging)…

Syncrude Athabasca Oil Sands Mine, Alberta – Mining Technology – Environmental impact

The consortium runs three separate mines – the original Base Mine and the North Mine, both near to Mildred Lake on lease 17, together with the Aurora mine some 35km to the north. Halfmile Mine, New Brunswick Halfmile Mine is an underground polymetallic mine located in northern.

Mining – Wikipedia

The nature of mining processes creates a potential negative impact on the environment both during the mining operations and for years after the mine is closed. Depending on the nature, attitude, and grade of the orebody, it is often the case that more waste than ore is mined during the course of the life of a mine.

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