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Glossary of bridge terminology – G

Gadding-machine: The drilling machine used in gadding. A system of pulleys consisting of a double and a triple block, the standing end of the fall line being made fast to the double block, which is movable. A moulder's tool, used to lift sand from a flask in moulding. A combination of several tools, machines, etc.

Anita Mk 8

" Intricate Moulding in ABS Plastic A moulded plastics casing shown here is described by the makers, GEC (Engineering) Limited, Erith, as being particularly complex. This component forms the casing of the new Anita electronic desk calculator being marketed in the United Kingdom by Sumlock-Comptometer Limited. The casin…

jack yao profiles – LinkedIn

Topall is exporting-oriented manufacturing company of: concrete mixer, site dumper, block moulding machine, concrete batching plant, and construction machine, which has focused on construction machines for 2 decades.

Scribd.com – Mgu Ece Full Syllabus

Module 5 Simple description of general purpose machines like lathe, shaping machines, drilling machine, milling machine and grinding machine. Radio engineering block schematic of AM radio receiver and transmitter – function of each block.

Rotational Definition. Crossword Dictionary

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Flow Restrictor For Injection Moulding Machine For The Injection Moulding Of Rubber Materials Or Of Elastomer …

The invention relates to a throttle for an injection molding machine for injection molding rubber or elastomeric materials, an injection molding machine comprising such a throttle, a system for tempering rubber or elastomeric materials during injection molding as well as a corresponding method.

Halfbakery – H2OME

Inflatable mould Shotcrete adobe house. See link for a diagram. In the shipping container is a blow-moulding machine, a generator, fuel supply, and plastic granules. The blow-moulding machine spits out double-walled plastic containers.

Exhibitor Profile – www.sinarexhibitions.com

Docstoc – Final Blow/finish Cooling Valve Function Monitor

Application of final blow air and finish cooling air in each machine section is controlled by an associated solenoid valve, which is responsive to valve control signals from machine timing electronics to apply final blow or finish cooling air to all blowheads in a machine section.

The Online Magazine of Plastics Technology – Rotating & Shuttling Molds Speed EPS Molding With Inserts – Plastics Technology

The most novel solution to the insert-molding challenge is a rotary-style molding machine–the first of its kind for EPS–from Kurtz of Germany.

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