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PatentStorm – Specified cooling (e.g., recycling heated coolant, etc.) – PatentStorm

4110915 Manufacture of cement Clinker coming from a rotary tubular kiln is cooled by moving a layer of the clinker of a grate in a cooler from a hot zone to a successively cooler zone by introducing fresh air in the cooler zone and passing in countercurrently through the layer of the 09/05/1978.

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Aerospace, Automotive / Vehicular, Chemical Processing, Electronics / Power Supply Cooling, Food and Beverage Processing, HVAC, Oil Heating / Cooling, Marine / Shipboard, Power Generation, Pneumatic, Steam.

Internet FAQ Archives – 06th week of 2011 patent applcation highlights part 4

And a drawer slidably provided in the cabinet to form a accommodating space, having a hot air supply device, wherein the hot air supply device supplies a hot air to the accommodating space and is provided on an external rear surface of the drawer 2011-02-10.

ITM – Bamboo as Medicine

Zhuye Shigao Tang Bamboo and Gypsum Combination bamboo leaf, gypsum, pinellia, ophiopogon, ginseng, licorice, oryza Febrile disease with interior heat and dryness, irritability and insomnia. In general, bamboo is considered cooling, calming, and phlegm resolving.

David Darling – sulfur

The mixture of hot water and molten sulfur is forced to the surface through the second tube by hot compressed air pumped down the center one.

Stock material or miscellaneous articles inventions August – inventions list

Stock material or miscellaneous articles August inventions list 08/10. Stock material or miscellaneous articles patents. Below are recently published patent applications awaiting approval from the USPTO. Recent week's RSS XML file available below. USPTO application #, Title, Abstract excerpt,Patent Agent.

Perpustakaan Sultan Abdul Samad Institutional Repository – Browse by Year – PSAS IR

Up a level. (2010) Curi telur: Bekas buruh UPM. A, Meimandipour and Mustafa, Shuhaimi and A. Soleimani and Kasim, Azhar and Bejo, Mohd Hair and B.

JLC Online – Table of Contents 2004

Balancing cooling with humidity control is a tough job in the coastal South. A North Carolina hvac pro explains how the latest generation of cooling equipment meets the challenge. Can I use type X "fire code" gypsum board to reduce clearances to combustibles for a woodstove pipe.

Glossary – Remains.com

If a hot metal or glass object is intentionally quenched or allowed to cool too quickly, stresses remain frozen in the structure that often lead to brittleness.

Architects Journal – BRITISH GYPSUM SHOWCASE ENQUIRY 911 – AJ Spec – Architects Journal


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