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A New Asphalt Driveway Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas

" 2. Large driveways can be costly. If you have a driveway that spans across a large yard, you may be better off with an asphalt or a gravel driveway ". " The driveway is 14 feet wide. This is is wide enough so a car can park in the center and people on both sides can exit, or enter, and remain on the pavement ".

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Aggressive shoveling or plowing on an uneven surface can chip off chunks of asphalt. Sure, you've got to get rid of that blanket of snow so you won't fall on your keister on the way to the car, but watch out for another kind of injury: dinging up your driveway's surface. Rock salt used for de-icing.

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Only mix up as much as can be used within 15 minutes. Removing an existing concrete or asphalt driveway is no simple task. Use the excavator or shovels and dig down approximately 7" below grade. Spread crushed limetsone across the entire area and compact well with a power tamper to form a level surface 4 ½" thick.

How to Install a Durable Asphalt Driveway – The Family Handyman – Article

Base materials vary by region and can be crushed stone or "conbit" (recycled concrete and asphalt—it's crushed and reused). The only advice I can offer is to find one with references from homeowners who are still satisfied with their driveways after a decade or so.

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Or maybe you can give others some advice. Can you post a picture or two I'd love to see that but yeah make him do it right. This is maybe 2-3 months after and as you can see most of the rock salt still hasn't dissovled. But as you can see this is not how rock salt is supposed to look.

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A permeable driveway can be created in many ways: pavers, permeable concrete, crushed stone and crushed seashells are the most popular. Despite my argument above, if you are considering a concrete driveway there is a coal byproduct that deepens the shade of green for a driveway install.

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We paid $325 for a snake and camera.

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But crushed gravel driveways aren't the most attractive of driveways, although they may work fine aesthetically if you're striving for a "folksy" look in your landscape design.

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According to the United States Geological Survey, 1.72 billion tonnes of crushed stone worth $13.8 billion was sold or used in 2006, of which 1.44 billion tonnes was used as construction aggregate, 74.9 million tonnes used for cement manufacture, and 18.1 million tonnes used to make lime.

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I have an area behind my outbuilding that I placed about a 6 to 8 layer of crushed rock I did not use a weed fabric has anyone used any cement over the top and hosed it into the rock for a weed block. Will it work.

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