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Food Engineering – Process control weigh system

Accurate weight measurement is achieved by the even, consistent product flow from the feeder and the design and location of the weighing unit. The Merlin weigh belt system combines accurate in-line weighing with integration into process control systems.

January 2002 Archives – MetaFilter

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GlobalSpec – Chemical Manufacturing e-Newsletter – Volume 2 Issue 11 – Free Industry News from GlobalSpec

Design & Analysis Software Keeps subscribers up to date on four main categories of design and analysis software: Computer Aided Design, Computer Aided Manufacturing, Computer Aided Engineering, and Product Lifecycle Management.

Food Processing – Automated Batching System Can Weigh Seven Major Ingredients Simultaneously – Food Processing Products

C-Frame Depositor Provides Portion Weight Control for Food Processors. Fuller offers bulk feed capability and system. Unifiller's depositor includes integrated conveyor, parchment paper feed. Mobile Bulk Bag Discharger Features Manual Dump Station. Hinds-Bock Introduces Moist Streusel Depositor.

The Online Magazine of Plastics Technology – NPE 2009 Wrap-Up – New Machinery for Extrusion and Compounding – Plastics Technology

(Previously, it had supplied equipment from other vendors.) Conair's PLC-based TrueWeigh gravimetric control uses a continuous loss-in-weight weigh hopper to track the amount of material being fed to the extruder.

CropLife IRON – Mixing Made Even Easier – CropLife Website – CropLife IRON – CropLife – Article

Yargus' Sheehy says the company is constantly updating hoppers, belt widths, and software packages, enabling it to provide the fastest, most accurate Volumetric/Declining Weight machine possible. Yargus constantly updates hoppers, belt widths, and software packages.

Feeders and Vacuum Conveyors for Plastics Processors

K-Tron offers plastics processors volumetric and gravimetric feeders, including the new Bulk Solids Pump™ (BSP), single and twin screw, vibratory, weigh belt, liquid loss-in-weight, Smart Flow Meters, gravimetric blenders plus self-contained and central vacuum conveying systems, integrated control solutions and systems…

Concrete solution – ISA

The feeder mechanism can weigh up to 10 tons when full. The best motion controller cannot compensate for poorly selected and specified hydraulic components, however, and designers developing fluid power-based robotic systems for the first time will have to deal with some different design issues, however.

Platonic Solid – Products & Suppliers on GlobalSpec

Wyssmont's Multiple Screw Feeder features a series of carefully fabricated, continuously welded helicoids operating in parallel to feed material from a hopper without surging and bridging commonly experienced in ordinary screw feeders and conveyors. Better-Weigh® Batch/Continuous Weigh Feeders.

GlobalSpec – Chemical Cleaning Silicate – Products & Suppliers on GlobalSpec

K-Tron Smart Weigh Belt Feeder. Design Assistance, Glass Part Fabrication. All benefits of KCM located on the feeder. On Line Calibration option linked to upstream weigh hopper.

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