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Ananthasuresh, GK (2006) Protein sequence design on the basis of topology optimization techniques -Using continuous modeling of discrete amino acid types. IUTAM Symposium on Topological Design Optimization of Structures, Machines and Materials, Oct 2005, Copenhagen, Denmark, pp 455-466.

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An, Hongyan and Zhang, Chuhua and Meng, Jian-Ping and Zhang, Yonghao (2012) Analytical solution of axi-symmetrical lattice Boltzmann model for cylindrical Couette flows. Statistical Mechanics and its Applications, 391 (1-2). And Andersson, E. And Browne, D. And Kashefi, E.

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For more severe applications, welded areas should be treated with a de-scaling solution such as a mixture of nitric and hydrofluoric acids, which should be subsequently washed off.

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Of Corrosion Resistant Steels GAMPS 4103: Acid Cleaning of Ferrous Alloys GSS 7021: Acid Cleaning of Ferrous Alloys AMS-QQ-P-35-98: Passivation Treatments for Corrosion-Resistant Steel. Medium temperature nitric acid solution with sodium dichromate additive. Low temperature nitric acid solution.

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Before testing unknowns, test the efficacy of the solution with a known sample of cellulose nitrate such as DUCO Cement or UHU All-Purpose Clear Adhesive.

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A phosphating solution is used in the step of chemical converting and includes the following solution concentrations: 2.89 gram/liter to 8.67 gram/liter of phosphoric acid, 0.3 gram/liter to 1.0 gram/liter of carbamide, 0.39 gram/liter to 1.56 gram/liter of nitric acid, 6 gram/liter to 30 gram/liter of manganese dihydr…

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We decided that before the research could be carried on to the next level, we would need *lots* of propellant I obtained 2litres of 98% analytical grade Sulfuric Acid, and 1.5 liter of 68% analytical grade Nitric Acid, and my quest to upscale the production of Nitrocellulose began.

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If the iron is embedded in the surface, you can try a solution of 10% nitric and 2% hydrofluoric acid at room temperature or slightly heated. A chemical "dip" into 10% nitric acid plus 2% hydrofluoric acid bath will enhance the development of this "passive" oxide.

June 11, 2002, Board letter enclosing a staff issue report on stabilization activities at the Hanford …

Porosity issues with the outer container weld appear to have been resolved, and previously welded containers are expected to be accepted as-is. Plutonium solutions –Stabilization of plutonium solutions using magnesium hydroxide precipitation is about 90 percent complete and is expected to be completed by July 2002.

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This is a test in which an acid copper sulfate solution is applied and in a few minutes copperplates out onto the iron-rich areas. If passivation is about removing iron, then passivation testing is testing for iron.

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