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Yahoo Music – Taylor Swift Confronts Mayer, Laments Lautner In New Album – Our Country – Archives – Yahoo – Music

"I started writing that in the hotel room when I got back. Because it just was this positive, wistful feeling of. I hope you understand just how much I loved meeting you. I hope that you know that meeting you was not something that I took lightly, or just in passing. And I think my favorite part of that song is the par…

HipHopDX – Blu & Exile Explain Leak Of – Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them

You've mentioned before that the difference between you and Exile is that Exile likes to do one album every two years. Your fans, as you mentioned earlier, are fiends for everything that you have to say. Not that this record was far off, but I'm glad that Blu chose the beats that he did.

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We don't have anybody in R&B music that does that today, and really represent what are going through and be that voice for them and really be able to speak to them through music.

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We're going to be going to some new places in 2013 as well as revisiting some old places that we haven't been to in a while. I think the appeal is for every song to have that catchiness, that live sing-along quality and the brutalness for the "pitting.".

NME.COM – NME Album Reviews – Album review – 'Immersion' (Warners) – Pendulum – NME.COM

We came prepped for fun, but we're forced to admit that, like running a marathon dressed as a Womble, Pendulum just aren't that much of a giggle in the long-term. That there must be something in a band that all genres of music fans like to go mental to in a field.

MTV.com – 'Catching Fire' Ignites – The Scenes We're Anticipating Most – Music, Celebrity, Artist News – MTV.com

Woody Harrelson, who plays District 12 mentor Haymitch Abernathy, happily allayed many of our apprehensions, telling MTV News at the Toronto International Film Festival that the script is "strong" and that Lawrence is going to do "great".

Metal Review – Review of Dream Theater – Train of Thought – Metal Review

It's saved by the fact that it's so comical that you can't hate it and the fact that the music surrounding that short part is good enough to balance it out. That`s your god damn problem i don`t think that you (or someone stupid like you) should ever post his crap in here.

SPIN.com – Sleigh Bells – Bringin' on the Heartbreak – Cover Story – SPIN – Profiles

"It's even harder to make it when you're hiding something. So if Sleigh Bells are brave enough to say, 'Fuck everybody, our new record is influenced by Def Leppard,' then they're my kind of people. Audiences want to connect with you. They want to believe in you. But you can't be half-arsed. You have to let them in. Tha…

Tiny Mix Tapes – El Perro Del Mar announces The Pale Fire for November – Music News – Tiny Mix Tapes

What are you going to do, though. Memo to my future self, and a word of advice to all you pirates out there: if you find yourself bent over, on the receiving end of a lawsuit from the RIAA, for god's sake, take the settlement.

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