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That means you can use the stuff you find here, repost it with attribution to the author, and "remix" it for your own purposes, but not with the aim of making money off of it. E-mail me if it would help to have a larger or higher-resolution version of any of the images.


It features a nearly 3-cm-long gem phenakite crystal perched on a tree-like smoky quartz, that comes to a stepped, sharp termination. The quartz hosts an internal phantom generation of quartz, that is richly included by powder blue ajoite.


When we sold the business and retired to Tucson, Arizona, we kept a large selection of items that we thought we would use for gifts or for ourselves in the coming years. Tucson, Arizona, United States. 30 days money back or item exchange, buyer pays return shipping. Mineral Glass Crystal.

Gem Dinosaur Bone – Jewelry, Specimens and More by Different Seasons Jewelry – Jewelry and Lapidary …

If it is beautiful, colorful and has large cells it's probably worth the extra money. Quartz crystals and numerous other crystals have filled the centers of bones as well. Vertebras and large bone ends tend to have large cells and are a good place to seek these patterns.

Amblygonite Gemstone Information from AJS Gems

Amblygonite gemstones crystallize in the triclinic crystal system, the least symmetrical of the crystal systems. When buying your Amblygonite gemstone loose instead of a pre-set stone, you can be sure you are getting the best value for your money.

Diamond and Colored Stone Production and Consumption in the USA

As the world's largest consumer of gemstones the United States is dependent upon a supply of stones mined mainly in developing countries. Almost 95% of the money spent on gemstones in the United States is used to buy diamonds.

Mineral Specimen Collecting – Silver and Gold by Alan Leishman

Gold was featured at this years Tucson Mineral Show 2004, the world's largest mineral fair held annually at Tucson, Arizona. One of his guiding inspirations was Peter Bancroft's excellent book Gem and Crystal Treasures which describes Bancroft's selection of the 100 localities for the worlds best mineral specimens.

Yelp.com – D & I Beads – Glendale, AZ

Although they have nice Swaroski crystals, they are very pricey and not worth the attitude you get while shopping. They have a VERY large selection of beads, findings, etc. So i was there to spend money. To be completely honest even if I would have found something I would not have given them my money.

PEG-LEG gets applause 5 – From Arizona Expert Bert Fireman – otrss/drsb/DRSB 1.11

One night he left a quartz crystal lying on the table. His way was simple, a hundred people put in a hundred dollars each (but he didn't want poop people's money), all the money to be spent for dynamite, the stockholders to be on hand, to walk in and pick up their own gold in the day set for the blast.

Creative Bead Designs – Essential Elements of Adornment

Angel Aura Quartz is quartz that is permanently treated by fusing platinum and/or silver crystals with heat and vacuum to give it its gorgeous angelic coloring. Wrapped around one side of the crystal is another – a child crystal with a time link.

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