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News – Pregnant Women Who Take Iron, Folic Acid Have Smarter Babies

Middle East / North Africa. Studies over the past 20 years have pointed to the importance of micronutrients – substances found in small amounts in foods that make a big difference.
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Historic Scranton Iron Furnaces Reviews – Scranton, PA Attractions – TripAdvisor

Kingfisher B & B in South Africa. Person found this review helpful. Kids might like to run around and like the climb to the top of the furnaces from where there is a nice view. Just the barely distinguishable remains of where iron ore was melted down 100 years ago. The show features Blacksmithing.
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Iron ore and copper and metallurgical coking coal to my mind are still excellent prices. I would think that – personally I think that iron ore was stay up at a very reasonable price for the next few years, and I think copper will surprise the bears and be at very good prices, probably in the next decade.
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Carron Iron Works – Wikipedia

Found in South Africa and Zimbabwe. The carronade's principal use was on the upper decks of warships, where batteries of carronades replaced smaller numbers of long guns. The Falkirk pots are used for Potjie cooking and are still manufactured to this day in Africa. Where Iron Runs Like Water.
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Natural Pigment Called Ochre – Ochre

The assemblages of MSA sites including Blombos Cave and Klein Kliphuis in South Africa have been found to include examples of engraved ochre, slabs of ochre with carved patterns cut into the surface. Iron Oxide Outcrop, Alligator Gorge, Flinders Range, South Australia.
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Scientists identify proteins that ensure iron balance

Most organisms need iron to survive, but too much iron is toxic, and can cause fatal organ failure. The same is true inside cells, where iron balance must also be maintained. More specifically, they found that IRPs are required for the functioning of mitochondria, the cell's energy factories.
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The University of Iowa – African History

One regional system, centered on Mapungubwe, a site located south of the Limpopo River in modern South Africa, maintained trade contacts between the Indian Ocean coast, where Mapungubwe obtained glass beads and other Asian products, and pastoral communities of the eastern Kalahari Desert, where it found the products of…
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New Song Church

A place where we can gather together to grow in our relationship with God and with His children, where iron can sharpen iron. No events found. South Africa 2008 Mission's Trip. A place where we can CONNECT, GROW and REACH OUT. Romania 2012 Mission's Trip.
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the Degree Confluence Project – DCP – 25 degrees south, 27 degrees east (visit #1)

From Thabazimbi we headed further south to another mining town, called Northam where Platinum is mined, where we gained access to the Swartklip mining area, where the Confluence was located in the adjoining villages for the mine workers who are natives from the area.
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Archaeological sights in Africa – Lonely Planet – You can update your settings by clicking the …

In summer, the arena where gladiators once fought for their lives is given over to concerts – we challenge you to find a finer venue. These 14th-century tombs are in ruins now, but command a good view over the city and the ramparts, as well as to the Borj Sud in the south and the rolling hills to the north.
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