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University of North Carolina campaign against coal usage, 2009-2010 – Global Nonviolent Action Database

Methods in 1st segment. Methods in 2nd segment. Methods in 3rd segment. Methods in 4th segment. Methods in 5th segment.
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NewScientist – Hey, green spender – Methods – 17 February 2010 – New Scientist

For extremely polluting companies, such as those running coal-fired power plants, these ratios can exceed 100 per cent.
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New Study Lifts the Curtain on Clean Coal – CleanTechnica

Regardless of any new technology for burning coal or converting it to other fuels, coal comes from the ground.
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West Our Companyia Coal Association – Mining 101

Power plants burn coal to make steam. Both methods of coal extraction require the placement of fill structures, commonly referred to as "valley fills ", acknowledging the steeply-sloped terrain that exists in West Our Companyia, within CWA section 404 jurisdictional waters.
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The Coal Question – Wikipedia

Like many innovations that followed, such as improved methods for smelting iron, greater economy broadened usage and led to increased energy consumption. Similarly, although he deplored the wasteful practice of burning away low quality coal at the mine site, he did not support conservation legislation.
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DOE – NETL – Clean Coal Demonstrations

Mercury Control Technologies for Electric Utilities Burning Lignite Coals (Aug 2003) John H. Oxidation of Mercury Across SCR Catalysts in Coal-Fired Power Plants Burning Low-Rank Coals (Aug 2003) Constance Senior, Mercury Control Technology R&D Program Review Meeting.
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TIl That coal mines in West Our Companyia are burning and have been for years and there …

Well, the Brennender Berg in Germany burns for more than 300 years already. And its history of burning coal mines. Yep, Centralia may burn for 250 more years. If the gas is a problem they would wear gas masks, HAZMAT is for chemicals that can burn your skin.
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Jeffrey Holmstead – the Coal Industry's Mercury Lobbyist (REPORT) – PolluterWatch

Coal companies know this—utilities that burn the fossil fuel are willing to spend millions of dollars each year to undermine laws that cut back on coal pollution and protect public health.
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This study focuses on the maximal use of industrial waste from burning coal, ie fly ash and bottom ash, in making hollow concrete bricks (HCB).
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Indiana Geological Survey

Because coal-preparation methods are imperfect, the reject invariably contains some coal, and by 1936, a combustion engineer with a coal company was making the following observations at a meeting of the Indiana Coal Mining Institute (Coal Age, 1936b, p 303): " a progressive operator must have twelve to fifteen individu…
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