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How to Buy

Karst topography as well as caves develop within carbonate rocks because of their solubility in thin down acidic groundwater. Cooling groundwater or even mixing of different groundwaters will even create conditions ideal for cave formation.

  1. choose product(s)
  2. leave an inquiry
  3. Further communications
  4. visit our company
  5. Sign the purchase contract
  6. Delivery on time

choose product(s)

SAMAC is the leading manufacturer of mining and cement production equipment in China. Our main products include crusher, sand making machine, feeder and screen, crusher parts and the whole sand & stone production line. You can choose suitable products from our product center. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service at any time, and they can recommend you the most suitable product based on your specific requirements.

leave an inquiry

Whenever you select a item, you can depart your purchasing requirements through online information. For your comfort, we have positioned the message type on every item and solution web page. You only have to fill in a few basic contact information as well as your required product. But to be able to understand your motives more accurately, we're pleased to see more in depth information you complete for our research. If you possess told our online customer support your purchasing requirements, this message could be omitted, and we will think about the online chat being an Inquiry. Please be confident that we always regard our customers' privacy as well as your personal information won't ever be public.

Further communications with us

Whenever we receive your query, our sales personnel will contact you as quickly as possible. Even though you will find great time variations, we promise to make contact with you within one morning by e-mail, telephone, MSN, Skype and so on. Through further communication with this sales staff, our technical engineers can function out the best option crushing solution for you personally based on your particular requirements such because capacity, material kind, output size and so on.

visit our company

To enhance your understanding and trust to us, we welcome you to visit our company at any time. You don't need to worry about the problem of communication, since we have the excellent staff proficient in various languages, including English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, etc. Our company's headquarters is located in ShangHai, Henan Province, China. You can arrive in Xinzheng Airport by plane, and we will arrange the staff to meet you at the airport. You can know the specific location of our company through Google Maps.

Sign the purchase contract

If you have decided to buy our products, then you can sign a formal purchase contract with our company. The contract usually contains product details, price, delivery date, delivery method, liability for breach of contract etc. Once the contract comes into effect, the interests of both parties will be protected by law.

Delivery on time

We will strictly follow the contract delivery date for the shipment. And we are able to deliver the item within 30 business days if no outstanding circumstances. In common, our products tend to be delivered through Shanghai interface, with specific mention of the the stipulated content from the contract. And then your entire transaction procedure is completed.

Note: This guide is just for general deal, with no exemption of exceptional conditions. SAMAC reserves the best of final interpretation of the page.