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Customer Service

Efficient Lifetime Maintenance

SAMAC provides its customers having a comprehensive approach in order to efficient maintenance within the lifetime of it's products.

SAMAC ’s Services start with helping customers specify the best product and services for his or her needs; the planning and engineering from the installation, training as well as start-up, and continues along with valuable service for that lifetime of the gear.

Turnkey Installation as well as Commissioning

Comprehensive installation services make sure that products start upward rapidly and promptly. This includes owner and maintenance training that's backed up through complete and easy-to-use paperwork.

Customer Support

SAMAC’s Telecare Middle provides technical assistance and expert troubleshooting 24-hours each day, every day from the year and solves around 75% of enquiries. When needed, SAMAC-trained technicians (instead of contractors) tend to be geographically dispersed to supply rapid and dependable assistance. A large extra parts inventory is actually organized for quick response worldwide with parts readily available for dispatch twenty-four hours a day.

Equipment Optimization & Rebuilds

A variety of upgrades can lengthen the productive time of installed equipment.

Specialists from SAMAC’s Architectural Services group supply equipment refurbishment as well as optimization. For instance: the replacement associated with dryer air pubs for air administration improvement; ceramic media updates and heat exchanger replacements to increase oxidizer equipment existence; conversion of the catalytic oxidizer for an RCO for power savings; closed-loop power management opportunities; as well as rebuilds.

Preventive Upkeep and Performance Checking

SAMAC provides thorough preventive maintenance as well as performance monitoring applications that enable customers to enjoy the most efficient as well as updated equipment. SAMAC employs technicians who've gained their expertise from several years of experience dealing with the company’s huge installed base associated with equipment.

Environmental Conformity

The pressure with regard to improved environmental performance takes a high level of competence to ensure compliance requirements tend to be fully met and also to avoid regulatory as well as community risks. SAMAC offers regulatory compliance check protocol guidance as well as testing, risk administration services and driver activity testing.