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Keroro Gunsou – Television Tropes & Idioms

Originating as a gag-manga by Mine Yoshizaki, published in Shonen Ace starting in 1999, and every bit as goofy as its English title, Sergeant Frog would suggest, Keroro Gunsou is the story of a not-so typical Japanese family and the alien frogs who turned their lives upside-down. Keroro Gunsou aka: Sgt Frog.
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Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film – Wikipedia

Joy of Living. The Creation of Woman. Foothold on Antarctica. World Wide Pictures. John Hayes (director as John Patrick Hayes).
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Saturday Night Live – Season 26, Episode 8 – Val Kilmer/U2 –

Will Ferrell was the best in that sketch (As Jesus: \\\"When I first heard The Great Frog Society, I was like, oh my Dad.\\\"). (makes a creepy smile) I'm gonna crush you. Damn you, Woman.
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frog – National Aquarium – WATERblog

Research on other obligate egg-feeding dart frogs suggests that mother frogs may recognize their own tadpoles by specific "begging" behaviors during the process. These frogs are particularly difficult to successfully reproduce, as the tadpoles are obligate egg feeders.
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2006 August – Crush Liberalism

Housecleaning at Crush Liberalism. For the love of God, this woman must lose. 29-year-old woman eager to be "de-flowered". However, as we all painfully know, the Administration did not live up to those values in our government's response to the crisis.
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Democratic Underground – October 29, 2008 – Archives

Obama's Special May Have a LIVE Portion. Dick Morris paints grim picture for Obama, but cautions that we shouldn't count Obama out (.). Question about the Pew poll already voted line. Karen Hughes is hard to look at. A reason to wait until voting day.
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Conservation International (CI) – Incredible Frog Facts – Conservation International

Male tungara frogs with the most attractive calls (to tungara frogs, that is) also are most easily detected (and thereby eaten) by frog eating bats. It's a dangerous world out there for most frogs – but for Panama's red-eyed tree frogs, the trouble starts before they have even hatched. Search for Lost Frogs.
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July – 2009 – Frog in a Well China

It took an immigration ban, a war, Japan's crushing defeat and entry into the US security system, and the "blood sacrifice" of Nikkei serving with distinction in the US military to overcome those fears, and transform the Japanese immigrant community and their descendants into simply "ethnic" Americans.
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The Princess and the Frog is Disney royalty –

She scrimps, she passes up socializing with her friends, and just when she seems a hairsbreadth away from making it happen, the local realtors tell the African-American beauty that they won't be doing business with "a woman of your background.".
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Tropical Fish Keeping – African dwarf frog questions

Under the Fish Profiles, if you go to "Other FW Creatures" you'll find the profile there for African Dwarf Frogs. Food such as worms of all types is recommended, frozen or live. They like any live or frozen food that can fit into their mouths HBH also makes Frog and Tadpole Bites.
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