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DIY Kiln Controller. Want to get rid of a kiln. I am a governor at an infant school in Essex and we have a kiln that we wish to get rid of. The kiln is by Hymus Engineering and is a 2M type, 6kw 30amp single phase with a maximum working temp of 1280 degrees. ICS kiln manual.
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David Brin’s Official Web – David Brin's Official Web Site – Those Eyes (short story)

"Ooh, they taught ancient Egyptians to build pyramids. And golly, they had some of my own ancestors scratch stick figures on a stony plateau in Peru. To help spaceships find landing pads, right. I guess the notion's barely plausible, till you ask why. "Why would anyone want such ridiculous 'landing pads,' when they cou…
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– Agrichar – A solution to global warming – ABC TV Science – Catalyst

One of the most important things we need to do if we're going to build this initiative into a world movement, as it were, is to actually relate it back to the individual. Dr Lukas van Zwieten It's the first time we've worked on a privately owned farm to trail the char.
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Warmoth Custom Guitar Parts – Shop Tour

Basically a pole building with 2 floors and 8000 square feet. The customer service area is home to our experienced guitar specialists. Here are two more of the sales staff hard at work. Warmoth Custom Guitar Products. This has been our home since 1988.
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– Jindal Steel Product-Catalogue

Direct Reduced Iron Process JSPL has the world's largest coal based sponge iron manufacturing facility, which uses indigenously developed rotary kilns (6 Kilns of 300 TPD and 4 Kilns of 500 TPD).
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TimberLine Magazine Article – Culp Lumber a Leader in Sawmill Innovation

The mill operates two dry kilns, a 68-foot Irvington Moore double-track kiln that is direct fired by a McConnell shavings burner, and an 86-foot CTC-Culp designed double-track kiln that is fired by a 65 million BTU Ed Bahr Services burner and features 12 76-inch fans with AC variable frequency drives.
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FEECO Ships Out Massive Rotary Kiln

As a locally-owned and operated company, FEECO is proud to manufacture high-quality, American made equipment that ships around the world. Since 1951, FEECO has been engineering and manufacturing rotary dryers, coolers, kilns, and agglomerators.
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Paragon Manual and Automatic Kiln Control Systems – 4-Way Rotary Switch

Kilns and Furnaces for ceramics, pottery, heat treating, enameling, dentistry, laboratory testing and glass fusing. Better Designed Kilns. Paragon Industries manufactures kilns for professional and hobbyist ceramic and glass kiln users. We have manufactured high-quality kilns since 1948. Kiln Control Systems.
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Build log – DIY rotary sub for contemporary HT in 100 year old house

I may replace it with a kiln shelf which should reduce preheat times and make it crack-proof. I've still got at least five years until I purchase my own house. The burner heats the hearth and then the hot air goes through the right rear corner of the hearth and then out the front bricks and through all the cracks.
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TreeHugger – Cement Kiln Mercury Emissions Regulated – In Time For Earth Day – TreeHugger

EPA is proposing to significantly reduce mercury emissions from Portland cement kilns, the fourth-largest source of mercury air emissions in the US The proposal would set the nation's first limits on mercury emissions from existing Portland cement kilns and would strengthen the limits for new kilns.
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