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Agent Wanted

We really are a Chinese crusher as well as sand making device manufacturer. Since 1997, we have specific in producing an array of products, including Cellular Crushing Plant, Mouth Crusher, Impact Crusher, Diamond ring Hammer Crusher, Rotary Fine sand Maker, Vibrating Feeder, Linear Display, Wear Resistant Parts and so forth. Features like excellent reliability, high overall performance, low maintenance and longevity have made the products popular in several industries, such because Mining, Building Supplies, Metallurgy, Transportation, Fossil fuel, Chemical, and Environment Protection.

To fully explore the global market, we want sales agents worldwide. The requirements are as follows:

  • 1. with relevant distribution channels, or personal connections with organs and enterprises;
  • 2. with strong economic strength and investment consciousness;
  • 3. with certain experience of sales and management.