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The commitment to Excellence Beyond Screening of THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP dates back to 1930 with the famous NIAGARA vibrating screen, the cornerstone upon which the success of our three global companies was formed: SAMAC & BOECKER Machinery Division Münster, Germany SAMAC, North America SAMAC & BOECKER Latinoamericana, Brazil.

Together our three companies form THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP to bring our individual engineering and production expertise to the global community.

THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP moves into depths by building a unique partnership with you that focuses on delivering innovative solutions developed through understanding your individual needs and requirements for your products.

If your business involves the processing of raw materials including gold, iron ore, copper, bauxite, and many others, you have found the right partner in THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP; regardless of whether your products are ultimately used in building and construction, automotive, steel, or any other industry.

We understand your need to reduce operational costs, increase operational safety and save on energy consumption to ultimately increase your sales and pro?ts. That is why the design and application of our products are all about you and your products.

If your business involves the processing of raw materials including gold, iron ore, copper, bauxite, and many others, you have found the right partner in THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP.


Mining Industry Ores: Aluminum, Bauxite, Bronze, Chromium, Cobalt, Copper, Coal, Gold, Iron Ore, Lead, Magnetite, Molybdenum, Manganese, Magnetite, Nickel, Silver, Tungsten, Quartz Zinc

There are virtually no ores, no metallic or non-metallic minerals unknown to THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP.

We understand that no two products are alike. That is why the first step in providing you with the right solution to your appli- cational needs lies in understanding your product.

By listening to your requirements and reviewing your process how, we will uncover opportunities for you to increase your quality, throughput, your efficiencies, the value of your product, and in the end, your bottom line. The first step in providing you with the right solution to your challenge lies in analyzing your product. Since the invention of the SAMAC Ro-Tap sieve shaker in 1910, THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP has not only led the way, but formed the standards on how particles are analyzed. Our traditional laboratory equipment paired with our newest computerized par- ticle analysis technology are put to work in our state-of-the-art laboratories. These combined with our wet screening test facility ensure that no one understands your challenges better than THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP.

Additionaly THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP offers excellent service packages: SAMAC SERVICE

A global network of expertise gives you reassurance that, at anytime, you can count on SAMAC SERVICE, ensuring that your plant and your processes will run smoothly.

SAMAC Laboratory Product Tests: Screening (wet and dry), Washing, Pelletizing, Vibration analysis, Particle analysis, ... and field testing

SAMAC SERVICE Concept: Customer-contracted research, Product and lab training, Concept and financial consulting, Plant start-up, Spare parts supply, Service and maintenance, E-commerce, Refurbishing and screen retrofitting, 24 hour Telephone Service, Production & logistics optimization, Customer training


The success of your company partnering with THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP is founded on our ability to help you in all aspects of the ore screening process from particle analysis to screening media, to vibrating screens and washing equipment, as well as screening services.

Since we understand that only complete solutions are good solutions, we manufacture and provide any and all type of screening media, such as perforated plate, woven wire cloth, self-cleaning screens, polyurethane decks, finger screens and other specialty media.

Regardless of whether you are interested in the enhancement of your primary scalping process, the improvement of your secondary and tertiary classifying processes, screening, de-watering, de-dusting or any other process that requires the use of vibrating screens we design the right equipment for you and your application. With an increased focus on the environment and the efficient use of natural resources, we concentrate on helping you transform waste into sellable products through innovative washing technology. Not only can we help you reduce the weight and dimensions of your washing and pelletizing process, but you will reduce your water consumption by up to 75%, making your plant layout smaller and more efficient.

We have also expanded into pelletizing technologies that help you make use of your fines and slurries, and further process or sell them in agglomerated form.

Every customer and every mineral is different; your experience with us should be unique in meeting your challenges by providing the right services for you and your equipment.


Vibrating Screens:Inclined eccentric four bearing screens,Inclined concentric two bearing screens,Horizontal exciter, double-shaft, or unballanced motor screens,High frequency screens ,Multi-deck fine screening machines, Vibrating conveyors

Screening Media: Woven wire cloth, Self-cleaning screens, Hybrid screens, Modular polyurethane screens, Polyurethane decks, Rubber screens, Perforated plates

Washing Technology: High pressure washing systems, Washing feasibility studies, Contract washing services

Pelletizing Technology:Pelletizing tests and analysis, Pelletizing discs

Screening Services: Engineered screening studies, Vibration screen performance analysis, Spare parts, Suspension systems, Vibrating screen conversions

High Capacity Screening Machines

Some of the largest mining companies in world trust THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP to deliver high capacity vibrating screens.

One particular customer of THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP required two vibrating screens that measure four meters wide by eleven meters long. These high capacity screens were designed to work in temperatures of -47C in winter when the largest pieces of product to be screened are rock hard from the cold, while at the same time performing in summer conditions when the product becomes a sticky paste. Each screen weighs 115 tons. In tandem as one unit, these screens process 15,000 tons of material per hour. Pelletizing Discs

THE SAMAC SCREENING GROUP enjoys international recognition in providing pelletizing discs. In Brazil alone, SAMAC offers 20 years of engineering experience. We have provided more than 50 high capacity discs to customers such as Vale, Samarco, Gerdau, AcelorMittal and Posco Korea.

In late 2009 SAMAC and EIRICH delivered an agglomeration plant with a capacity of 200 t / h to the POSCO Pohang steel plant in South Korea. SAMAC supplied two pelletizing discs of type GR 7500 with a diameter of 7500 mm. By using the resulting agglomerates (so called micro pellets) made of steel works remnants, coal, additives and pellet feed fines the productivity of the plant is increasing distinctly. The recycling of the remnants is a huge step towards a zero waste technology and leads to an excellent life cycle assessment.