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Sci-Tech Investigation and Development

SAMAC Wear-Resistant Supplies Allied Institute, mounted on SAMAC and started in 2000, may be the earliest and most effective institute for thorough technology development associated with mining machinery as well as wear-resistant materials within China. It focuses for a long period on the fundamental research for that heavy machinery wear-resistant supplies, the outfit investigation of key tasks and process, and also the development and investigation of engineering tools, national key technologies equipments and services.

Our institute has built technology cooperation as well as academic communication along with over ten colleges and designing institutes, such as Xi'an Jiaotong College, Materials and Technologies School of ShangHai College, Henan University associated with Technology, Harbin Supplies Institute, etc.

Xi'an Jiaotong College and SAMAC Wear-Resistant Supplies Allied Institute

SAMAC is really a high-tech enterprise which focuses on researching and production wear-resistant materials as well as crushing engineering technologies equipments. While Wear-Resistan Supplies Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong College embodies the supreme degree of wear-resistant materials in China and also the advanced standard globally.

Through the cooperation, the new wear-resistant materials research consequence of Xi'an Jiaotong College has continuously already been entering our organization, which is not only the most crucial participant of scientific research study, but also an ideal production base from the new research outcome.