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How much did discovery pay the gold rush miners per episode

How much money does discovery pay for the gold rush show? Discovery negotiated a price for each character involved in the television series. Some more than …Get Prices – More detailed

How much does discovery channel pay the cast of gold rush

Todd and Jack hoff-man make 5000 an episode and they are to split that with the remaining crew. i think that they get paid cents per miliounce of gold they …Get Prices – More detailed

The Glory Hole » Blog Archive » Ten Facts about Gold Rush Alaska

21 Jan 2011 … The fact that I am actually going Gold Mining again next summer. … Love the show but I can't take it any longer…how much gold was found in all? … I know a cleaning lady that makes $120 per house she cleans, and she cleans 3-4 ….. Tonight I watched the last episode of Gold Rush (on DVR) with my wife.Get Prices – More detailed

'Gold Rush' executive producer Christo Doyle on huge changes …

23 Feb 2013 … The third season of Discovery's smash series Gold Rush, which has been … Plus, we learned that Dakota Fred plans on mining a new, … run of episodes we're calling Gold Rush: The Off-Season,” explains Doyle. “There … “He is learning how to fly an ultra light plane to get up there every day,” says Doyle.Get Prices – More detailed

Some 'Bering Sea Gold' miners pulling in more than $10,000 a week …

21 Sep 2012 … Denali National Park Road Lottery makes some changes … Alaska Pro Wrestling: Taking on all comers for every good cause ….. It's not like there is much choice. … In that context, the new gold rush is a lot like the old gold rush. … In one episode of “Bering Sea Gold,” Shawn Pomrenke, one of the most …Get Prices – More detailed

Discovery: Gold Rush Alaska Series – AV Science Forum

25 Jan 2012 … Six guys, feeling the economic crunch, invest in bulky gold-mining … thankfully for them they all earn about that much per eps …. Watched last night's pre-season preparation show and the first episode of Gold Rush season 3.Get Prices – More detailed

Todd Hoffman on Season 3 of 'Gold Rush': Will Oregon crew hit the …

26 Oct 2012 … The miners working claims on television's "Gold Rush" may not … That's their job, they're trying to get the full essence of what happened. …. Stop and think about it and think about how much money in equipment they have at their mines … Discovery Channel fronted each of them their per episode paycheck …Get Prices – More detailed

'Gold Rush' 3: Executive producer Christo Doyle on his feud with …

22 Feb 2013 … For the first time, the “Gold Rush's” gold totals are revealed live. … the men populating the gold-mining show — especially Todd Hoffman, leader of … It just didn't make all that much sense. … "Two, each one of our crews makes a pretty earth-shattering announcement about what they're doing next season.Get Prices – More detailed

Gold Rush [Archive] – Rerolled

I just want to know how much each crew gets paid by teh Discovery … Gold show and only watched a couple episodes, so I can't say much about it. …… Looks like Parker is about done as a gold miner unless he can get a large …Get Prices – More detailed

List of Gold Rush episodes – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

During season 1, the series was named Gold Rush: Alaska, and the mining ….. mining machines and each other to get gold out of the ground in the frozen North.Get Prices – More detailed

How much do the miners in Gold Rush Alaska make in TV money …

I've read that MTV reality show participants make upwards of $60000/season.. Answer 1 of 1: Todd and Jack Hoffman at the end of Season Two made about …Get Prices – More detailed

Parker Schnabel Net Worth | Celebrity Net Worth

Parker Schnabel net worth: Parker Schnabel is an American gold miner with a net worth of … How much is Parker Schnabel worth? … He is one of the subjects of the Discovery Channel series, "Gold Rush Alaska", also … His participation in the series is notable for the episodes in which he attempted to help the miners at the …Get Prices – More detailed

SilverDoctors: Gold Rush Alaska Should Be Called… DIESEL BURN

6 Mar 2012 … Last week was the final episode of GOLD RUSH ALASKA. … TOP 5 GOLD MINERS = 470 million gallons diesel / million gold oz … Even if they did reach their goal of 100 ounces each guy would get less than 10k. … GOT IS CONJECTURE about how much diesel YOU THINK they happened to use.Get Prices – More detailed

Gold Rush – Facts. Figures. Solutions.

15 Mar 2013 … Post your question here and we will try to get it answered! And let us know- what was your favorite episode of the season? For more discussion … And let us know- who is your favorite miner on Gold Rush and why? For more …Get Prices – More detailed

'Gold Rush: Alaska' Renewed For Season 2 – Screen Rant

The adventures of Oregon's would-be miners at Porcupine Creek are far from over, … When announcing Gold Rush: Alaska season 2, Discovery president Clark … has found the glory hole, one can only guess how much money they'll make next year. … great show. i look foward to watching it every week. sad to see so many …Get Prices – More detailed

6 Things You Need to Know About Gold Mining and Reality TV, By …

9 Nov 2012 … Smart prospectors make money by playing the gold market value: Todd: I know for a … But now that gold has gone up, this is a much smarter way to go do it. Current gold …. Gold Rush airs every Friday at 9/8c on Discovery …Get Prices – More detailed

How much money does discovery pay for the gold rush show

But in the end the average was roughly 55,000/ per character. The highschool … How much money did the show Alaska gold rush make? … $1000 per episode.Get Prices – More detailed

Discovery Channel Asia | Gold Rush

Gold! The rush is on to secure the mother lode in a new mining season. … The latest season kicks off with two episodes that relive the most nail-biting and … of GOLD RUSH as the crews fight Mother Nature, mining machines and each other in a … Todd does a deal on a new gold-rich claim to get Dave's crew back in action.Get Prices – More detailed

: Gold Rush: Season 1, Episode 6 "Gold Fever …

: Gold Rush: Season 1, Episode 6 "Gold Fever": Amazon Instant Video. … After 80 days, the miners are behind schedule and out of money. …. Todd discovers a major design flaw in the equipment and is forced to make … $ per episode …. I believe they spent too much time fixing cabins of mining.Get Prices – More detailed

: Gold Rush: Season 1, Episode 1 "No Guts No Glory …

Gold Rush Alaska Season 1, Ep. 1 "No Guts No Glory" … Six recession-hit patriots from Oregon become greenhorn old miners and …. Todd discovers a major design flaw in the equipment and is forced to make huge modifications. … $ per episode …. I believe they spent too much time fixing cabins of mining.Get Prices – More detailed

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